Alice Peterson Author of If You Were Here

If You Were Here

- If your future was decided, how would you live?

‘If You Were Here is a moving and emotional story about facing a life-altering dilemma

Jill Mansell, Bestselling Author

‘I can toast to my future, but the thundercloud over my head, the threat of a storm, will follow me like a shadow wherever I go. The truth is, I have a potential bomb in my bag, and who knows when or where it will go off’

When her daughter Beth dies suddenly, Peggy Andrews is left to pick up the pieces and take care of her granddaughter Flo. But sorting through Beth’s things reveals a secret never told: Beth was sick, with the same genetic condition that claimed her father’s life, and now Peggy must decide whether to keep the secret or risk destroying her granddaughter’s world.

Five years later, Flo is engaged and ready to pack up her life and move to New York with her high-flying fiancé. Peggy never told Flo what she discovered, but with Flo looking towards her future, Peggy realises it’s time to come clean and reveal that her granddaughter’s life might also be at risk.

As Flo struggles to decide her own path, she is faced with the same life-altering questions her mother asked herself years before: If a test could decide your future, would you take it?


Alice with Jenny Fraser - inspiration for If You Were Here

Alice with Jenny Fraser – inspiration for If You Were Here

An emotional, inspiring and uplifting novel about living life to the fullest, IF YOU WERE HERE will break your heart and put it back together. The brand new novel from the acclaimed author of A Song for Tomorrow, perfect for fans of Hannah Beckerman, Dani Atkins, Jill Mansell and Jojo Moyes. 

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  • ‘This is a beautiful story about living life to the fullest and having the courage to overcome adversity.’
    Paige Toon, Bestselling Author
  • 'A compelling story about family love at its most complicated. Alice has created characters with real warmth and heart, who take on a life of their own and will go on existing in readers' heads long after the last page has been turned. This is beautifully written and deeply moving - if you're a fan of Anne Tyler and Tessa Hadley, you'll adore If You Were Here.’
    Daisy Buchanan, Journalist & Author
  • 'A beautiful story about making difficult choices, but ultimately - about choosing to live'
    Rachel Cullen, author of ‘Running for my Life’
  • ‘Stunning and captivating’
    Katie Marsh, bestselling author of ‘This Beautiful Life‘
  • ‘I tend to avoid weepies if I can help it, but once in a while I’ll get stuck into one and I’ll be so glad I did! This is a beautiful story about living life to the fullest and having the courage to overcome adversity. It did make me cry, but ultimately it’s very uplifting’
    Paige Toon, Bestselling Author
  • ‘Alice Peterson you have done it again. Just when I think that you can’t get better than your last book you go and prove me wrong. A beautiful book… written with lots of love, care, understanding and compassion’
    Karen Whittard, NetGalley Reviewer
  • ‘Alice Peterson’s story telling is vivid and magnificent; she oozes talent in examining the moral dilemmas. It is her special gift, her trademark. I really loved every aspect of this novel’
    Joan Hill, NetGalley Reviewer
  • ‘A poignant, moving, and ultimately really life-affirming novel’
    Georgina, NetGalley Reviewer
  • ‘A book which I read in two sittings, which took me on the whole gauntlet of emotions and one I will be recommending far and wide - unreserved 5 stars’
    Helen Boyce, NetGalley Reviewer 
  • ‘An amazing story’
    Gail Atkins, NetGalley Reviewer
  • ‘An unforgettable emotional roller coaster of a book’
    Amanda Brooke, author of ‘Don’t Turn Around’