Alice Peterson Author of If You Were Here

Letters From My Sister

- Previously published as Look The World In The Eye

‘I’ve lost my sister. If you’ve seen someone who doesn’t blend into the crowd,’ I sniffle, ‘well, that’s her.’

Katie seems to have everything you could wish for – she’s pretty, successful and has a rich handsome boyfriend, Sam. But now it’s crunch time. In one week her sister, Bells, is coming to stay and Sam doesn’t even know she has a sister. It’s always been too difficult to bring the topic up. Bells is…different. She just doesn’t fit into the perfect world Katie has created.

But that world is about to be turned upside down. Bells pins tatty posters on Sam’s pristine walls, plays Stevie Wonder at full volume, strikes up conversations with strangers – including an attractive man at the supermarket – and creates mayhem.

Soon Katie’s relationship with Sam is under severe strain and she is forced to confront her past. And problems escalate when Katie receives disturbing news about her mother.

But, with help from Bells, Katie finally learns about real love, and that appearances can be very deceptive.

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  • ‘As it was favourite book of the year to date for my reader in this field, I had to read it too... I loved it. It’s character-led, warm and sensitive.’
    Sarah Broadhurst – The Bookseller
  • ‘One of this inspiring, warm-hearted novel’s strengths is its honesty about how disability affects entire families. It’s also a telling portrayal of what a sadly un-accepting society we live in.’
    Shauna Bartlett – Glamour Magazine
  • ‘Warm and funny, I loved it.’
    Bella Pollen – bestselling author of The Summer of the Bear